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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Hunk of the Month - Brian Bodine 4

You can read this article from Part 1 here

Given the generally upbeat flavour of Brian Bodine's appearances under the Lucas banner it's not entirely surprising to find this sheer playfulness announcing his appearance for Titan Men in Thrill Ride (2011). How appealing is that, chaps? He's re-adopted the name Jason Diaz for this role, presumably at the request of the studio. Personally I think the understated Brian Bodine suits him much better.

In this film he's unexpectedly paired off with Logan Scott who usually seems to be cast in the role of perpetual victimhood (which he generally plays in a most appealing manner I must say!). His participation is, however, a clue that Bodine is resuming the role of top.

 Before long the two get down to business in the Falcon-esque pool setting which is a world away from the darkly sexy interiors of the Lucas movies. Notice how Brian/Jason has become a little chunkier and a little less 'cut' in his musculature, hopefully that's a sign of contentment.

(Titan seems to have repackaged and re-issued this video as Deep End recently and this still come from that re-issue.)

As far as I can tell this is Bodine's last appearance and this relaxed and happy shot makes an ideal swansong. A modest career spanning about 7 years but with it's fair share of memorable moments which have given me great pleasure in compiling this article.

My thanks to TitanMen for the images in today's post

However, this is not the end of my story. In researching Brian's career I came across references to the name 'Jay Black'. This model, who has more recent film appearances, bears a superficial resemblance to Bodine in some pictures (above) and has also used the name Jason Diaz (according to 'Smutjunkies'). For a while I pursued that lead before realising that the face couldn't have changed that much in 4 years and that the faintly-visible shoulder tattoos did not match either. Such is the burden of the terminally obsessive!

This wild goose chase was not entirely fruitless however. I ran across some exciting material including the fab shot above from the now-forgotten 'Lords of the Jungle' (2006). Although it turned out to be a different man in the end and therefore of no value for this article, I think the material I found is more than good enough for a post of it's own and this will appear here soon.

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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Hunk of the Month - Brian Bodine 3

You can read this article from Part 1 here

In 2008 Bodine gets a role with Lucas Entertainment in 'Cruising Budapest' with the Mangiatti Twins and this heralds something of a change in style bringing out a different side to his erotic persona.

The move to a bigger studio has provided a step up in image quality showcasing Bodine's lush muscularity. I'm not a big fan of orgies but this pairing with the twins creates a marvellous sense of  intimacy and 'sharing' which we can vicariously enjoy as well.

That warmth carries on in his appearance with Bryan Slater, also for Lucas in the 'Auditions ' series in 2010. Happily for me he's now  sporting that characterful hair. This isn't Brian's first on-screen bottoming role but he's portraying a nice degree of cheerful discomfort and awkwardness.

 There's a trace of the 'gangsta' persona glimpsed in 'Rush' in this pic,
 but it's not really representative of the flavour of the video.

 In fact there's a warm, almost romantic conclusion to the scene. Bryan Slater puts his arm protectively round Bodine's shoulders as they shoot their loads together. This isn't the norm for gay porn 'climaxes' and it seems to reflect a genuine warmth between these two characters. If you have a look on search engines you will find other images from the same sequence where Bryan is affectionate and playful with his younger companion lying alongside him.

Bodine's 'Rush' encounter with Spencer Reed follows on from this appearance and if you watch it on video you can detect a similar gentle atmosphere.

Thanks to Lucas Entertainment for these images

To be continued

You can read this article from Part 1 here
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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hunk of the Month - Brian Bodine 2

You can read this article from Part 1 here

Bodine's film history is somewhat confusing. Titan Men link him to the 2004 film 'Horse' under the name Jason Diaz. He gets a 10 minute slot with Troy Punk in this atmospheric, heavy leather piece. A surprising debut!

He moves to more conventional territory for the 2006 film 'Wildlands', playing a lone hiker who unleashes the repressed sexual urgings of a Park Ranger. There's a nice manly moment for him where he picks up the naked Ranger, cradled in his arms, and carries him outside onto the porch to stuff him over the balcony rail. As you can see he sports a shaved head for this scene and (sadly from my point of view) this is has been the case for most of his film career.

 Luckily his youthful good looks compensate for the missing thatch.
He made several films for some of the less prominent studios in the run-up to 2008.

Most of these seem to have passed into obscurity as far as the internet is concerned, although this cover suggests that lack of quality was not necessarily the cause.

IMDb calls this a 'Boxing Themed vignette'. It's from the film 'T.K.O.' with Jake Havok in 2007.
(I can't find a link for T.K.O. it now belongs to Raging Stallion)

In this period Bodine's reputation was very much based on his muscularity and the challenging length of his cock, hence the by-line "Jake Havok is man enough.......",
see above for confirmation of this claim

 There are some nice shots from this era emphasising his masculine and ethnic credentials

You can gather from this that Bodine's passive role with Spencer Reed in part one of this article was not the only shot in his armoury, making that episode all the more interesting.
To be continued 

You can read this article from Part 1 here
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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Hunk of the Month (or Captured Rogue?) - Brian Bodine

This occasional series (very occasional despite the moniker!) charts my periodic obsessions with models I stumble across on my web ramblings. This time it's Brian Bodine, who caught my fancy this week when I saw him for the first time in the image below, 

As you can see, Bodine is pretty muscular and he's being dominated here by a rather youthful-looking Spencer Reed whose own bulk seems have found a worthy match for once. The scene conjures up associations for me that might also have earned it a place in my series 'First catch your rogue'. 

Bodines hair seems to have caused a bit of a stir at the time but for me it contributes beautifully to an image of a butch, streetwise punk who's been riding for a fall and has bitten off more that he can chew here.

When Spencer turns the heat up we get an electric image - a big bouquet to the photographer! Bodine's face here might have graced one of Greasetank's epic encounters.

"Let this be a lesson to you!", Spencer seems to be saying. 
Bodine's face registers 'point made'
 In fact if you watch the video it's a much softer encounter than I have fantasied about here.
 Images from this video on the web are limited in number and the trailers seem to have been withdrawn but the film is still available, visit Lucas Entertainment film 'Rush'

Brian Bodine's not really a ruffian either, but I soon found in my researches that he's made some other interesting films which I will explore next time.
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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Russian Wedge

 The punishment of 'Riding the Wedge' featured here from time to time over the last couple of years has been featured by the website 'Russian Captured Boys'

The hands above the head tethering used here to expose the torso to punishment also prevents the captive from using his hands to ward off the pressure on his crotch.

Although this captive's ankles are secured to the legs of the wedge I suspect they do not prevent him from grounding his feet which is probably just as well since this practice, if prolonged, is a lot more dangerous than it looks. Don't try it at home, fantasy stuff only.

Photos courtesy of Russian Captured Boys
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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Tom of Finland's Beards - 3

(Read this series from part 1)

The small group of more positive bearded roles in 1973 are followed by this fisting scene in 1974 (one of Tom's better known pictures which I mentioned previously in Part 1).  Here Mr Beard is the central character, seemingly securing his full acceptance into Tom's leather scene. His role is made all the more remarkable by the portrayal of all of his sexual partners as black, which marks this out as a picture that's trying to make a point, although for for all it's liberation achievements, the black men in this picture are still playing a supporting role.

If you read my article on Black men in Tom's pictures you will see this picture is part of wider maturing in Tom's outlook. However, I think that this picture has more significance than that,  illustrated by my next example.


This 1981 picture is an eerily similar reworking of the same fisting theme (this time featuring gay stereotypes of a different type).The crate featured in both drawings is a favourite prop of Tom's. It's not uncommon for Tom to rework ideas he likes but the underlying similarity in these two pictures is exceptional. Strikingly, the bearded character plays the exactly the same role, as the willing recipient of some pretty kinky sex (note the sound in the '81 picture). It's hard to dispell the notion that there's some personal experience behind Tom's attachment to this idea.

There's a gap of 7 years between these two pictures. Despite the flurry of beard interest in 1973-74  I have discovered only 2 other pictures featuring beards in this intervening period. Both are portraits, (of an unknown conductor and of the porn stars, Mike Betts and Rick Wolfmeier) and therefore somewhat separate from the pictures reflecting Tom's sexual imaginings. Arguably they are more significant choices for that very reason. It's possible that there's an element of personal acquaintance in it, although the porn star image seems to be based on a photograph.


The next example comes 3 years later in 1984 and although it's a portrait of sorts there's no escaping the sense of admiration from afar, as though we are studying him across a crowded bar. The cigar in his hand is suggestive of a certain powerful type of gay masculinity but you wouldn't expect it to be matched with a hairless body or slender physique. For me it's as if Tom has taken a bearded 'model' who he likes or admires and has dressed him up (very neatly) in the leatherman's paraphenalia to visualise his enhanced 'man-appeal'.

In the following year (1985) this image appeared and although the landscape is of long-standing familiarity, it's protagonists are startlingly different. It's as though Tom has completely re-evaluated his perception of what a bearded man is in these pictures. This one is uncannily real. His beard is neatly trimmed and although he has a hairy torso, it too is neat and natural-looking. In reality, this is probably a portait, perhaps of two lovers known to Tom. Despite the belt, there's absolutely no sense of menace here. He's put them in a fantasy setting which is the standard Tom of Fiinland 'Woodland Stage Set', a place of sexual adventure. Joshua Reynolds placed his subjects in the rolling landscapes they owned, Tom has allowed these two into his own special fantasy world to play. It's a setting that features in a number of important pictures around this time so this is quite a compliment and is another sign that Tom is treating bearded men as people with personalities and not as a stereotype for wickedness, extravagant wealth or straightness.

This final sketch is dated 1989 in Tom's last years and it  harks back to his lumberjack days. Although you can think of nostalgic reasons for this it sticks out like a sore thumb in the work of this period. I wonder if it might have been conceived as an off-shoot of the Kake in Canada story (1984). Although this is an action scene drawn from the imagination the bearded character is not a by-stander and you can see how central he is to Tom's intentions, not only by the role he is playing - valiantly taking on a cock that would make lesser mortals quail - but by the fact that he is the most fully-drawn element of the unfinished picture.  He's come a long way from the sneaky thief in Kake 2.


There's another very formal portraint of a couple of leathermen in the same year as this picture featuring a notably mustachioed and bearded top. If you like puzzles you can also just spot a beard amongst the gang of black men banging a Tom Cop over the bonnet of their convertible car in the well known picture from 1987 (two years earlier).


The sporadic appearances of beards in Tom's pictures over the years don't suggest he had any great liking for them, but it does seem as though they had powerful associations for him, quite threatening ones in his 40's. The notion that bearded men had something to hide was not unknown at that time so it doesn't necessarily reflect a personal experience. But although he gradually discards this notion in his later images it's remarkable that bearded characters always take bottom roles (unless you count the hairy bandit in Kake 23). This seems counter intuitive but suggests to me that Tom's 'rehabilitation' of bearded men is primarily based on acquaintance with softer types of Bears, as suggested by the man in image 16 who does have this sort of look. His visits to the US from 1977 onwards may have contributed to the changes evident in this last period.


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Monday, 29 August 2016

Tom of Finland's Beards - 2

(This is a re-issue of part 2 which Blogger originally managed to post out of sequence, 
part 3 will follow shortly )

Continued from part 1

The next appearance by a bearded man is in the rather bizarre Kake No 8 - The Hijacker, where he actually plays a leading role. It's as a villain again, the rather stylishly-dressed leader of the hijacking gang. Unfortunately he has a weakness for men in leather jackets. He forces Kake to service him at gunpoint but Kake seduces him and gives him his full treatment, thus distracting him long enough to save the passengers. (This was pre-9/11 of course when hijackers generally did not kill their hostages but just carted them off to remote runways). As in the previous incarnation as a thief, this villain has a very hairy body as well as a beard - and seems equally inept.

In Kake No 9 'Coq D'Or' (1971) there's a rather delightful cameo role for the the bearded character as a deliciously muscular, but rough-looking (dock?) worker who makes up a threesome briefly by taking advantage of Kake's unprotected ass whilst he is otherwise engaged with a French (?) Sailor. Unfortunately he is soon whisked off, being ear-tweaked by his indignant wife . I suppose it's a matter of opinion whether you see infidelity as a villainous role (interestingly Tom gives him a hairless torso). He certainly perpetuates the tradition of hapless bearded misadventurers.

This is the last beard appearance in the Kake series. However, the hairy bandit in 'Kake in the Wild West' much later on (1982) is also an inept villain and seems a bit of a throwback to this era, but with a makeover. He sports abundant stubble but not a true beard and his prolific body hair is also much more tidy compared with the bearded characters we've been looking at up until now. I can't work out if it's beards or bodily hairiness (or both) that Tom associates with incompetence and villainy. One of my older articles on Tom Sailors includes examples of a bullying sailor and an inept motorcyclist, both with hairy chests but not beards and it seems to represent a similar sort of ying and yang of masculinity - manly strength and boyish foolishness humiliated.

The bearded stereotype reappears in 1973, in one of the short-lived 'Mike' series of cartoons. He plays a smug-looking man, conspicuously well dressed. In other words an embodiment of conventionality. He allows himself to be seduced and sucked off by Mike while talking to his girlfriend (or wife) in a Public Telephone kiosk and happily allows a passing Sailor to join in, but makes off, narrowly escaping exposure when an indignant woman demands to use the phone.

Up to this time Tom only used bearded characters in his comic formats, not in his more polished and sensual pictures, which suggests he was more interested in them as characters rather than objects of desire to be laboured over in the creation process. This all changes in 1973 when there's a flurry of notable pictures. The beard is being rehabilitated from the role of outright villain, but it's not clear in the image above whether he's shed the role of moonlighting husband. For the first time here, he's simply cruising, seeking to hook up with a Kake-like biker who's fresh from another steamy encounter by the look of it. The beardie is once again notably well groomed and tidy, still somewhat straight-looking and conventional (an irresistible challenge!) but he actually seems to be starting to become a biker himself here, although not yet fully leathered up.

The transformation here is startling. He's even manging to distract 'Kake' from a stunning, black Adonis in this image. This is the first time where Tom fully expresses the beard character's 'beef-cake' credentials and the quality of the drawing tells you how much Tom cares about him. His relatively youthful appearance also signifies a sea-change in the way Tom see beards.

In this image, he fully sheds his recent image of respectability and becomes a fully fledged leather man. He even gets to take the lead in this memorable image of a woodland spanking ritual. If you look at the picture it really is as though the other bikers are standing aside and allowing him to take charge, somewhat to the consternation of the immobilised recipient who is perhaps reflecting anew on the rough, bad and masculine associations of this character which go back to Kake 2. Certainly the way he's flexing that belt promise no easy ride for the initiate.

continued in  part 3

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