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(Aug 26th 2016)

Monday, 22 August 2016

Tom of Finland's Beards -1

This article originated when I was (nerdily) trying to assign a date to this Tom of Finland image in my collection. It has a rather nice cop domination flavour with a tough looking, bearded guy on the receiving end.

Beards appear in some of Tom's best known pictures, like the fisting image shown above from 1974 which was notable at the time for it's inclusion and positive portrayal of black participants.

However, when I investigated further I found to my surprise that beards were not common in Tom's art generally. I only managed to find 18 instances amongst a couple of thousand of pictures.
But where they do appear these characters do seem to play significant roles.

This fisting picture also proves to have a significance all it's own which I will reveal in due course.


The earliest manifestation of beards seems to be in Kake No 2 (1968) where Kake seduces a boy on the beach. A bearded tramp-like character with an exceedingly hairy torso appears, watches their fun and then makes off wearing Kake's leathers (above). This theft leads to Kake's arrest by the Police, a severe thrashing and a spell in clink.

  (Note: In compiling my count of beards in Tom's pictures, I have counted the multi-frame appearances in these Kake stories as 1 per book, not 1 per picture, counting them separately would double the total approximately but not affect very much the proportion relative to the whole of Tom's work).

The same man reappears in the closing scenes of Kake No 4, up to his voyeurism tricks again. But this time Kake spots him and recognises his own leathers.


In No 5, the villain gets caught and is given a painful come-uppance and general seeing-to by Kake and the lads. At the end they leave him to the tender mercies of the police, having 'fitted him up' for the theft of a police uniform.

 (This uniform was actually 'borrowed' by Kake in No 3 as part of a 'Tale of Two Cities' style exchange of places in jail with a sympathetic Policeman). 

The bearded man plays a central role in this sequence of stories but his characterisation, though very strong, is much less generous than that of the jolly fistee of the 1974 picture and this piqued my interest to investigate further.

The next occurence is also in Kake, in story No 7 (1971) which depicts a daisy chain orgy in a public toilet. A (different) bearded man is the last to arrive. He's dressed as a Hell's Angel and makes an emphatic, dramatic entrance which is in stark contrast to the mild-mannered, well-dressed participants who precede him. In those days a Hell's Angel was regarded as the embodiment of anarchic violence and villainy and even through modern eyes it's as though he's the embodiment of dark, raunchy sex, come to take charge. Tom seems to use his beard and hairy body to underline this rebellious different-ness. Disappointingly, all he actually does is take his place at the end of the line, showing similar opportunist traits to incarnation number 1.
Revisiting this image seemed reveal to be the clue to the date of my original image (top) where the bearded man wears a similar studded, denim top with cut-off sleeves. The 1971 date of the Kake story also chimes perfectly with his fashion flares.

continued in the next post

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Tom of Finland's Beards - 2

Continued from part 1

The next appearance by a bearded man is in the rather bizarre Kake No 8 - The Hijacker, where he actually plays a leading role. It's as a villain again, the rather stylishly-dressed leader of the hijacking gang. Unfortunately he has a weakness for men in leather jackets. He forces Kake to service him at gunpoint but Kake seduces him and gives him his full treatment, thus distracting him long enough to save the passengers. (This was pre-9/11 of course when hijackers generally did not kill their hostages but just carted them off to remote runways). As in the previous incarnation as a thief, this villain has a very hairy body as well as a beard - and seems equally inept.

In Kake No 9 'Coq D'Or' (1971) there's a rather delightful cameo role for the the bearded character as a deliciously muscular, but rough-looking (dock?) worker who makes up a threesome briefly by taking advantage of Kake's unprotected ass whilst he is otherwise engaged with a French (?) Sailor. Unfortunately he is soon whisked off, being ear-tweaked by his indignant wife . I suppose it's a matter of opinion whether you see infidelity as a villainous role (interestingly Tom gives him a hairless torso). He certainly perpetuates the tradition of hapless bearded misadventurers.

This is the last beard appearance in the Kake series. However, the hairy bandit in 'Kake in the Wild West' much later on (1982) is also an inept villain and seems a bit of a throwback to this era, but with a makeover. He sports abundant stubble but not a true beard and his prolific body hair is also much more tidy compared with the bearded characters we've been looking at up until now. I can't work out if it's beards or bodily hairiness (or both) that Tom associates with incompetence and villainy. One of my older articles on Tom Sailors includes examples of a bullying sailor and an inept motorcyclist, both with hairy chests but not beards and it seems to represent a similar sort of ying and yang of masculinity - manly strength and boyish foolishness humiliated.

The bearded stereotype reappears in 1973, in one of the short-lived 'Mike' series of cartoons. He plays a smug-looking man, conspicuously well dressed. In other words an embodiment of conventionality. He allows himself to be seduced and sucked off by Mike while talking to his girlfriend (or wife) in a Public Telephone kiosk and happily allows a passing Sailor to join in, but makes off, narrowly escaping exposure when an indignant woman demands to use the phone.

Up to this time Tom only used bearded characters in his comic formats, not in his more polished and sensual pictures, which suggests he was more interested in them as characters rather than objects of desire to be laboured over in the creation process. This all changes in 1973 when there's a flurry of notable pictures. The beard is being rehabilitated from the role of outright villain, but it's not clear in the image above whether he's shed the role of moonlighting husband. For the first time here, he's simply cruising, seeking to hook up with a Kake-like biker who's fresh from another steamy encounter by the look of it. The beardie is once again notably well groomed and tidy, still somewhat straight-looking and conventional (an irresistible challenge!) but he actually seems to be starting to become a biker himself here, although not yet fully leathered up.

The transformation here is startling. He's even manging to distract 'Kake' from a stunning, black Adonis in this image. This is the first time where Tom fully expresses the beard character's 'beef-cake' credentials and the quality of the drawing tells you how much Tom cares about him. His relatively youthful appearance also signifies a sea-change in the way Tom see beards.

In this image, he fully sheds his recent image of respectability and becomes a fully fledged leather man. He even gets to take the lead in this memorable image of a woodland spanking ritual. If you look at the picture it really is as though the other bikers are standing aside and allowing him to take charge, somewhat to the consternation of the immobilised recipient who is perhaps reflecting anew on the rough, bad and masculine associations of this character which go back to Kake 2. Certainly the way he's flexing that belt promise no easy ride for the initiate.

continued in the next post

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Peter Bound in Tights

 More images from BdmanBrazil showing Peter again (as in my last post).
He's tied up in tights again, but a different sort this time, the kind dancers wear.

This series of images shows him half-stripped and tied up. 
His captors have left him lying on his bed while they arrange collection.

 You sense his rising panic as he discovers the effectiveness of his bindings.

 He knows his helpless body is their prize, the threat is strangely exciting.

Then he thinks about his life and all he has.
About to be snatched away from him - for what?

 He makes one last effort to twist his wrists out of the ropes

 It's no good, he can't escape.

When his captors return, they will find him ready and waiting.

More pictures from this series at BdmanBrazil

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Men Sharing Clothes 21 - Tights

Another article in my on-going series examining the plight of models who have to wear clothes already used by someone else before them.


I've called them tights but I'm not totally sure what the correct term for this garment is. They resemble Long Johns but lack any sanitary provision, this is a roll-down situation. The tantalising see-through panels dispel the idea that these have any modesty function. What makes them particularly suitable for this series is their very tight fit which will ensure intimate contact with any man who wears them.  This is Peter of Bdman Brazil by the way.

 In this picture Peter looks like he's waiting to see the dentist or some other practitioner of unpleasant, invasive procedures. His anxiety won't be helping the studio's tights to stay fresh and clean, especially as they are clearly not made from natural, breathing fibres.

I must say that these tights make a terrific bondage outfit, showcasing Peter's legs while the dodgy thigh panels accentuate his groin area very sexily (click on the picture to expand if you want to inspect him more closely). Nice shoot, but who's next in line to try them on?

William Pezzoto

Those slinky tights are even more revealing on William's body, possibly because his bigger frame is stretching them out, spreading them thinner, but also pulling everything in tight and close.
William doesn't quite have Peter's 'little boy lost' appeal but has a look that suggests he's thinking about something slightly disturbing, like the news that other men have modelled this particular garment.

Unfortunately there's no time for discussing the provenance of the body-hugging, crevice invading hosiery. The shoot must go on and William, bound hand and foot - and gagged as well, is in no position to object. His discomfort is our pleasure.

Pictures for this article all come from Bdman Brazil continuing the loose Rio associations of my last post. Unfortunately Bondage of fit, young athletes has not been accepted as an Olympic sport yet but we can hope. There's always a chance that there might be sympathisers on the Organising Committee.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Synchronised Swimmers


Despite all their dedicated training and preparation and all their efforts to reach Olympic qualifying standard, one of the Men's Synchronised Diving Teams  didn't to make the it into the final competition after all.They used the pool for one practice session and were looking pretty good.
Hot favourites for a medal.
But since then they haven't been seen at all.
(photo: BDManBrazil)

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Torture Central - 2

There's a selection of good photographic imagery and clips at Torture Central. My choice here is not really fully representative of the material on the blog, I have concentrated on the eye-candy, but if you like rougher stuff you'll find that as well.

 This handsome, chunky, young man sports a pair of briefs that might cause comment in some circles but I find them strangely beguiling as torture-wear. I can't work out of it's the vaguely historical, loincloth flavour or the off-beat, mannish fashion sense, but either way it seems to impart a feeling of a man unexpectedly plucked out of his life and exposed, unprepared, to a bizarre, pseudo-medical examination.  This model's facial expressions are marvellous and on that account I expect his images will be with us for many years to come.

 I'm drawn to this image for a similar reason, there's a sense of ordinariness about this young man's face and dismay in his expression that makes his situation seem disturbingly unplanned and weird. His body is far from ordinary of course, displaying a lean muscularity, unblemished by tattoos that is showcased by the stresses he is subjected to. This is not your typical fetish physique and that makes this image out of the ordinary too.
(photo dreamboybondage - I think)

Another refreshingly clean cut, young man about to be subjected to strange practices. He doesn't look like an obvious volunteer for the collar and ball-stretching device (improvised by coiling pink cord round his scrotum). It tells us that someone else has plans for him that go beyond admiring his good looks. The tap of a riding crop and the close proximity of an electrical circuit box are ominous signs that this beauty has fallen into the clutches of a beast.
(This studio, slaveboytraining, was new to me but seems to have disappeared off the web, I can find traces in search engines but they don't go anywhere, the tumblr blog has been taken over by parasites)

Another Russian Boy with dodgy underwear but the cut suits his physique immensely. The sensible size and incongruous colours bestow an ordinariness upon him that makes you wonder whether he understands or is up to the challenge he faces. The chunky collar assigned him seems to acknowledge his bulky, potentially dangerous physique - after all you don't tether a bull with a piece of string. However his bowed head suggests that the rebellious phase may have passed.
This is a much older image from a Tom 'Ropes' McGurk video but its' no less memorable than the others. It follows the formula of the previous images with a pretty boy captive and a mean looking Jason Branch as master. However, the atmosphere here is completely different. That's partly down to the professional dungeon metalwork which tethers but doesn't provide tight limb restraint but the main reason is that this boy is facing up his captor with defiance - albeit a defiance that's not quite sure of itself.

The captive's nipple ring tells us he's not a complete greenhorn and the detailing of his arm in the foreground might make you wonder about his age too! There's a reddish colour cast in this image which fortuitously highlights what looks like chafing on his neck, as though caused by attempts to find a more comfortable position for his unforgiving metal collar. 
(photo: Tom 'Ropes' McGurk)

Bondadge without rope. A still from Man at Play that is striking for it's simple composition and message of self-assured superiority and calm submission. What power has caused this strong-looking, fully adult man to strip naked like this and allow his most intimate parts to be examined so casually in a public place? He's being treated like he's a piece of livestock who has no control over what happens to his own body or indeed has no other asset than his own body. Staff assessment never used to be like this! But you can see that he accepts this fate without surrendering his pride. Like the McGurk model above who is in line for similar treatment, he seems to defiantly challenge his molester to do his worst. Which no doubt he will in due course.

(Photo:- Men at Play)

This image has a sense of drama and movement. It's as though a particularly nasty lash has just landed on this last, tasty Russian Captured Boy. This captor seems to emanate power, privilege and depraved cruelty. His fully-dressed state highlights the captive's own subordinate status. As is usual at this site, he is allowed retain his underwear, a concession to everyday mores that scarcely lessens his humiliation, stripped before the boss as it were. But it suggests that this scene is about pure punishment rather than an artificial S&M ritual with an erotic outcome.
(photo: Russian Captured Boys)


Billy Santoro has the honour of signing off this little selection, struggling manfully with the irritations of an electro butt plug for 'Men on Edge'. Billy has a very different look to the other guys preforming here, very grown up and masculine, but for my money he's just as cute. His familiar face and the sophisticated bondage paraphernalia spell out pure S&M fantasy, despite the anatomical wall charts and blue fatigues his tormentors are wearing. However I never grow tired of these electro scenes, which are usually riveting visually and often prompt interesting, genuine responses from the long suffering guinea pigs.
(Photo from Men On Edge)

If you like images like this have a look at Torture Central

Friday, 5 August 2016

Torture Central - 1

Torture Central is a relatively young blog with an interesting selection of S&M images and clips. The emphasis seems to be on quality rather than quantity so although the collection is not vast, most of the exhibits hit the button (for me at any rate) and there was plenty of stuff I hadn't seen before. This article is based on the modest collection of artwork featured there.

 Cavelo - Talk or your buddy gets it

I not totally complimentary about Cavelo's style in my A-Z article about him, but this image with a very handsome captive on the left (picturing them is surely Cavelo's greatest strength) and a classic 'buddies in a predicament' storyline certainly gets my thumbs up. That seat-less torture chair surely was inspired by 'Casino Royale' and brings all the associations of that story to the party, but Cavelo also makes the most of it's capacity to humiliate whoever sits on it.
Crucifixion - Artist - Cyrano/Mahoney?

The artist of this picture is not given an attribution at the site but it looks like Mahoney or Cyrano who I believe are the same person. Cropping out the crosspiece makes a striking image that focusses attention on the man being punished rather than the mechanics of the punishment.
Nath66 - Alien Experiment
A fantasy image featuring a human male fertilising/laying an alien egg was included in my 
A-Z article on Nath66 in 2010 but a reworked version of the idea has appeared recently showing a notable advance in technique. This is a rather nice sample (click to enlarge) borrowed from a bigger selection at Torture Central (link to Nath66 in my original article). 
Kajlet - Durst (thirst)
There are a number of examples of Kajlet's work on the Torture Central blog, this one is rather less intense than most of them and intriguing to say the least. The military overlay is stylishly done and adds greatly to the interest of the piece.

Visit Torture Central or follow my links above for more work by these artists.
There's a master index of artists on my blog here.
In my next article I will review some of the photographic imagery at the blog.